Who am I?

Photo of Me

  • Frinto (well not really, that’s not my real name)

  • Official Script Kiddie Hacker (according to Hack The Box)

  • Fastest Typer Alive (according to Hacker Typer)

  • Human (according to biology)

  • Hottest Man Alive (according to myself)

Why do I have a blog?

I just enjoy ranting about anything Cyber Security related. So yeah, there’s alot of that. This is also a way for me to keep things noted for future reference. Consider this a public diary of my “Hacking Adventures”.


What's your favorite movie?

I don't watch movies.

How many mechanical keyboards do you have?

Forty Three.

What do you draw on?

A screen.

What linux distro do you use?

Hannah Montana Linux.

Tabs or spaces?

Neither, I write everything on one line.

All views are my own!