F*ck Google!

Searching for DuckDuckGo on Google

So yesterday, I set up Ghost Blog on a VPS from Google Cloud. I spent hours trying to decide on which theme to choose, writing my about me, and drawing photos (Yes, these shitty drawings take me a while to finish). Little did I know all of this progress would be lost the next day.

Ironically, the first blog post I had published was titled “Get away from me Google!”. It was a very vague tutorial on how to avoid using Google applications. Now that’s besides the point, the next day I woke up excited to see how my blog post was doing and I popped open a browser on my phone (I have 23 different browsers on my phone). I quickly type in “pwnable.club” into FireFox, only to be left with 1 minute of loading. At this point, I kind of realized that something had happened to my blog.

I just assumed the Ghost Blog service had crashed, so I hopped on my computer (No I didn’t actually hop on my computer, it would break) and tried to ssh into my non-existent VPS. After that failed, I frantically go to the Google Cloud control panel and get a message reading exactly thi- well actually here’s a screenshot:

Google Beaned Frinto

Very accurate portrayal of Googles message, not edited whatsoever…

No but seriously. The message pretty much said that they had suspected me of doing something illegal on my VPS. Which isn’t true, I never used the VPS for ANYTHING illegal. They said I could file a ticket to retrieve my VPS again, but I wasn’t going to go through all that bullshit, when they couldn’t even give me a solid explanation as to what illegal thing I did. So I packed my bags and forgot about it. At this point, I completely gave up on making a blog anymore, but then I realized something. THAT I’M NO LOSER! SO I GOT UP AND TOLD MYSELF I WOULD GET BACK TO CODING AND WRITING A NEW BLOG NO MATTER WHAT! Then I sat back down because who the hell codes standing up.

Anyways the moral of the story is, FUCK GOOGLE!

Written on January 19, 2019